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We are leading manufacturer of brass bars and brass rods with wide range of alloy grades and profiled shapes like round, hex, bar, and other customized shapes in based on your requirements.

Our brass extrusion rods size ranges form 4mm diameter to 100mm as per required material grade.
All our products are compulsorily passed through spectrometer testing for alloy composition testing and hence we guarantee the material grade composition.

Use of Brass rods

A Free Cutting Brass Rods is also known as free machining brass. Brass rods mainly used for high speed machining like fasteners, gears, architectural extrusions, automotive engineering parts and many more. as it is corrosion resistance and has excellent machine ability.

Forging Brass Rods

Use of Forging Brass Rods

Forging Brass Rods is use for manufacturing forged components and pressing materials like hardware’s, knobs, handles, valve and fuse bodies, brass battery terminal connectors, valve components, defense components many more.Use of Forging Brass Rods

High Tensile Brass Rods

High Tensile Brass Rods are know as Manganese Brass and High Tensile Brass Rods use in manufacturing components like marine components, valves, welding rods, pump rods. it is high strength and resistance to corrosion.

Lead Free Brass Rods

Lead Free Brass Rod are known as Reverting Quality Brass Rod and Lead Free Brass Rod is use in riveting, blanking, hot forging, bending, watch case and belts.

Profile and Flat Brass Rods

Flat Brass Rods is use for corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, fabrication works etc

Round Rods4mm to 100mm
Brass Bars4mm to 100mm
Rectangle Bars4mm to 60mm
Square Rod / Bars4mm to 60mm
Brass Hollow RodsAs per requirement